Bob Durand : President / Co-founder

Bob Durand

President / Co-founder

Bob Durand is President of Durand & Anastas Environmental Strategies, a company he co-founded in 2003.  Bob specializes in government relations, legislation, and project strategy. His portfolio includes work with leading New England development and Fortune 500 companies, legislation on behalf of the Community Preservation Coalition, and negotiating approvals for Excelerate Energy's Northeast Gateway LNG Deepwater Port.  Bob is a former Massachusetts Environmental Affairs Secretary and state legislator, serving in both the House and Senate, where he was Majority Whip.  During his years in public service, Bob earned a reputation for balancing the need for economic development with river and coastal resource protection, land conservation, and historic preservation.  Bob is currently President of the Massachusetts Outdoor Heritage Foundation and serves on the Board of Trustees for both The Nature Conservancy/Massachusetts Chapter and the Massachusetts Environmental Trust.

Chuck Anastas : Managing Partner / Co-founder

Chuck Anastas

Managing Partner / Co-founder

Chuck Anastas is co-founder and Managing Partner of Durand & Anastas Environmental Strategies.  Chuck oversees the company's permitting and regulatory business, including reviews under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) and the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA).  He has developed successful approval strategies for golf courses, offshore cable and energy developments, housing, and transportation projects. Chuck has a broad background in the public and private sectors, having first been elected to office at age 18, then the youngest elected official in the United States.  He has since worked in the legislative and executive branches of the state, including senior policy positions in the Lieutenant Governor's office and the Environmental Affairs secretariat. Chuck also has eight years experience in real estate sales and consulting on commercial and 40B housing projects. He is currently Chair of the Massachusetts League of Environmental Voters (MLEV).

Tom Skinner : Partner

Tom Skinner


Tom Skinner is a Partner at Durand & Anastas and joined the firm in September, 2004.  Tom focuses on coastal development projects, including Municipal Harbor Plans (MHPs) and Designated Port Areas (DPAs), as well as energy and transportation issues.  Tom has served in Massachusetts as Director of the Office of Coastal Zone Management and Director of Land Policy and Conservation, and in Maine as Acting Chief of Staff to former Governor John R. McKernan, Jr., and Deputy Commissioner for Economic & Community Development.  He also spent two years at an international consulting firm, where he developed a reorganization plan for a European national railway.  Tom is Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at the Center for Coastal Studies (Provincetown, MA) and a member of the Boston Waterways Commission.

Steve Mague : Senior Project Manager

Steve Mague

Senior Project Manager

Steve Mague joined Durand & Anastas in January, 2008, and specializes in project approvals, environmental permits, and strategic advice on waterfront development, including Municipal Harbor Plans (MHPs) and emerging coastal mapping issues.  His work includes resolving waterfront licensing issues, creating accurate jurisdictional maps for clients, and developing regulatory strategies under the Massachusetts Ocean Act.  Previously, at the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management, Steve directed the Chapter 91 Historical and Jurisdictional Mapping Project and the Massachusetts Shoreline Change Project.  He was the lead agency reviewer for MHPs and served as expert witness for Chapter 91 jurisdictional determinations.  Prior to his public service, Steve was a senior project manager with Schofield Brothers of New England, Inc., working on multidisciplinary development projects.

Doug Pizzi : Media Relations

Doug Pizzi

Media Relations

Doug Pizzi is Principal of Pizzi Communications Company (PCC) and provides media relations to corporate and nonprofit clients of Durand & Anastas Environmental Strategies.  Since 2003, Doug has worked with D&A clients, such as Excelerate Energy, the National Wildlife Federation, Water Transportation Alternatives, and the Community Preservation Coalition, to provide long-term media services and strategic advice.  Based in Marlborough, MA, Doug represents clients from such diverse fields as rail transportation, business, environmental advocacy, energy, and politics.  He has managed successful statewide media campaigns aimed at housing construction policy, small business lending, and mercury reduction.  Doug has more than thirty years of communications experience, including over a dozen years as a daily newspaper reporter, and six years in state government managing communications and government relations.

Cindy Cormier : Special Projects Coordinator

Cindy Cormier

Special Projects Coordinator

Cindy Cormier joined Durand & Anastas in 2004 and serves as Special Projects Coordinator.  Cindy manages logistic operations for complex issues that involve public forums and local voter approvals. Using her knowledge of specific communities, she develops individual strategies to meet project needs.  Cindy has extensive public and private sector experience, including twenty-four years with Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation, where she held management posts in operations, logistics, and customer service.  She is a past member of the Zoning Board of Appeals in Hudson, MA, and worked as an outreach coordinator at the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.  In addition to her work with Durand & Anastas, Cindy is active in Habitat for Humanity and currently spearheads the organization's local efforts.